Torque DVMon

The DVMon is an economical monitoring platform for digital television networks.  Built on the latest compact 1RU hardware, the DVMon raises the bar in user experience through its distinct, flexible HTML5 GUI.  Running on any standards-compliant web browser, it allows opening of any number of windows in any size. The DVMon also facilitates opening multiple viewing panels within each window, and zooming in or out on any chart axis is a snap.

New for IBC 2017 is the DVMon QAM. Supporting all three J.83 technical standards, DVMon QAM provides integrated RF and MPEG-TS quality of service monitoring in a compact, affordable package. It sports two RF inputs with built-in demodulation and RF signal analysis, as well as two independent ASI output ports for monitoring.

Torque QAM Constellation

The DVMon XS in a portable, compact form factor was first introduced at NAB 2017.




Torque DVStor

DVStor is a self-contained transport stream recording and playout solution. It archives transport stream data complete with all services, SI/PSIP tables and any private metadata. Transport stream data can be recorded in full, or as a selected subset of content. Inputs to the DVStor can be over a Gigabit Ethernet interface or an optional ASI input. DVStor can play out a custom playlist of content recorded off the input or evergreen material uploaded from asset store. Content in the DVStor can be played out over IP or the optional ASI output.

DVStor Incremental File Transfer debuts at NAB 2017.

Chunk file transfer offers near-live performance

Torque FPM – FEC Performance Measurement Probe

The FPM is an ideal probe that measures link quality for long-distance video transmission operators.  It is a niche product that can simulate video hit interval, allowing operators to align the signal protection level with customers’ SLA. This new offering optimizes latency, yet minimizes overhead, simplifying configuration of international contribution links.


Torque Visor

Visor provides central visibility and remote monitoring of multiple probes, plus easy access to a comprehensive log of system events. Operators can retrieve detailed analysis directly on the respective probe, and spot fault trends across services or several geographic regions.


Torque DPI – Digital Program Insertion Auditor

The DPI Auditor supports the ANSI/SCTE 35 2001 standard that defines a fully digital mechanism to control remote splicing equipment via cueing messages embedded in the transport stream. The core of the standard is centered on an SIT (Splice Information Table) which can contain a schedule message or an insert message.